Manage your company online 24/7
SOGECASHNET offers you :
  • instant information about all your Société Générale Côte d'Ivoire accounts
  • Account history
  • Transaction alerts
  • Access to domestical transfer (single, multiple or permanent)
  • File Download and Customer notice
  • Consultation of the other banks’ accounts
  • Online services
 Statements & Alerts
Several statements allow efficient management of your accounts: Histories of accounting balances over 90 days, statements of value-adjusted balances over 90 days, transaction search as per various criteria, intra-day statements received in the course of the day.
Alerts relating to account may be delivered to you online through this tool: cash payments, cheque releases… Messages may be sent to Société Générale Côte d'Ivoire through this tool.
  Signing authorities
Desired signature profiles may be defined through flexible management of signing authorities agreed upon within your company. For each user and each nature of order subscribed to, you may define: whether he/she has an attachment right, and if so, his/her attachment limit is set up, whether he/she is entitled to sign the order, if so, his/her signing authority limit is set, including his/her capacity to sign an order on his/her own and together with other users. Colleges of authorised signatories may equally be defined, and associations of colleges authorised to sign jointly may be specified including their signing authority limit.
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